10 oz. ARC Connoisseur Martini Glasse

10 oz. ARC Connoisseur Martini Glasse

* 10oz. ARC Luminarc Engraved Martini Glasses
* Highest standard glass material.
* Slender long-stem hold and sheer rim.
* Clear glass V-shaped design.
* Made in the U.S.A.

Luminarc extra large, personalized engraved martini glasses are ideal for all thirst quenching tropical martinis.Store the custom printed Personalized martini glasses in the freezer until all the martinis are mixed and ready to serve.Pour the martinis into the imprinted, chilled martini glasses for a cold, fruity martini.These engraved martini glasses are a perfect promotion for all cruise lines, tropical vacation resort bars, martini bars and restaurants.


1 Color Price

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